Monday, February 27, 2012

Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of the RAN

On 10th July 1911 King George V granted the titles “Royal Australian Navy” and “Royal Australian Naval Reserve” to the Commonwealth Naval Forces. To many people at the time, this creation of an independent local navy symbolised the coming of age of the new nation. Since that time the RAN has played a proud role in the service of Australia and her allies, and has a distinguished record of action in both World Wars, Korea and in South East Asia. The cover design features one of the Navy’s Sea King helicopters and HMAS Hobart, a guided missile destroyer that saw action in Vietnamese waters.
RAN’s 75th Anniversary was celebrated with a Naval Review of the Fleet. With the Reviewing Officer, Admiral of the Fleet HRH Prince Philip, Governor General of Australia, Bill Hayden, Prime Minister Bob Hawke, RAN CNS ADM Michael Hudson AO, and other VIPs embarked onboard the Reviewing Ship, HMAS COOK (A-291) and with her escort HMAS GEELONG (P-210) headed for a position just off Bennalong Point near the Sydney Opera House. At 1200hrs, with a crowd estimated at over three quarters of a million people lining the harbour on land or on the water, the RAN’s 75th Anniversary Naval Review began as the Mobile Review Line, led by HMAS PERTH with the RAN Fleet Commander RADM Ian Knox embarked, said past HMAS COOK, firing a 21 Gun Salute and the crew ‘Mans and Cheers Ship’. The other ships HMS BEAVER, HMNZS SOUTHLAND, HMCS YUKON, USS PAUL F. FOSTER, FNS COMMANDANT BLASION, and HMPNGS AITAPE followed PERTH, with their crews ‘Cheering Ship’ as they passed HMAS COOK. The RAN’s 75th Anniversary Naval Review was a great success. These nice FDCs were given to me by Maria.

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