Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moldova 25.12.1993 - Tulips

This Rare species of Tulip with golden yellow flowers and violet tinted back is featured on this stamp on the Moldovan FDC dated 25.12.1993 was sent to me by Lissea.
The radiant golden-yellow flowers of this rare treasure open in April on strong 18-inch stems. The "petals" – which are pointed in lily-tulip fashion – have a broad central band of olive-green on their exteriors. A sunny site with relatively dry soil in summer is ideal. Steppe/modified continental; E Europe. Zone 5.Normally found in theEuropean part of Russia (central regions), Crimea, the Caucasus, Aralo-Caspian region, western Siberia, Balkan Peninsula and Anatolia. In steppes, semideserts, foothills, plains and other dry habitats.

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