Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sailing ships

Åland's geographical position created early opportunities for trade and shipping. Bond sailing developed, but it was only after the middle of last century that sea trade here got a major boost. Large sailing vessels were built in Åland shipyards. Although after World War I steamboats took over more and more freight, large Åland shipping companies did not abandon sailing ships. Gustav Eriksson (1872-1947) who lived in Mariehamn, was in the 1930s the owner of the world's largest private sailing vessel fleet. The sailing vessels pictured on the stamps on this FDC issued on 4.6.1988 are generally from that generation
GALEASSE ALBANUS (1,80 mk) about 100 net tonnage, was built in 1904 in Äppelö in Hammarland under the direction of ship builder Johan August Henriksson. After about ten years Albanus was sold to the kingdom. - In 1988 a new Albanus was built in the traditional way, she serves as PR- and camp training ship on the island.
SCHOONER INGRID (2,40 mk) 450 net tonnage, was built in Geta, Olofsnäs 1906-07 under the leadership of Eric Söderström. She is a typical representative of the ships that were used in the Baltic and North Sea Traffic. The vessel was sold in 1919 to England, where she was used as a motor sailor in coastal shipping until the 1930s.
BARKER PAMIR (11,00 mk) 4500 net tonnage, was built in the steel hull in Hamburg. Gustav Eriksson bought her in 1931 and she was inserted in the wheat trade between Australia and England. Pamir was sold back to Germany in 1951 and served as a training ship until 1957 when she sank in the Atlantic. Thank you Pia for this nice FDC.

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