Thursday, December 1, 2011

Australian Fungi 19.8.1981

Maria gave me this pretty cover with Australian Fungi stamps. Compared with many other nations and continents, knowledge about fungi of Australia is meagre. Unlike many countries with centuries of accumulated knowledge both cultural and later scientific, Australia has lacked input on both. Little is known of aboriginal use of fungi apart from a few species such as Blackfellow's bread (Laccocephalum mylittae), and research by botanists and mycologists since 1788 has been spasmodic and intermittent. Indeed some states currently lack mycologists in their respective herbaria.
Australia is estimated to have about 250,000 fungal species, including about 5000 mushrooms, of which roughly 5% have been described. Knowledge of distribution, substrates and habitats is poor for most species, with the exception of common plant pathogens. The names of the fungi on the stamps on the FDC are as follows :-
Red Fungi 24c
Grey Fungi 35c
Yellow Fungi 55c
Green Fungi 60c

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