Friday, December 30, 2011

50th Anniversary of the Cyprus Football Association 15.10.1984

The C.F.A. or The Cyprus Football Association as it is commonly known, was established in 1934 by the clubs Anorthosis, E.P.A., A.E.L., Aris, A.P.O.E.L., Olympiakos, Turkish Club and TRAST, and its aim was to promote sport ideals and particularly football. The C.F.A. organizes all the national football championships - for all divisions - in Cyprus and closely cooperates with the various international Associations F.I.F.A. (since 1948) and U.E.F.A. (since 1982). In 1984, forty-two clubs are members of the C.F.A. This cover and the stamp on it commemorates the 50th Year of the CFA. Merja gave me this FDC.

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  1. Lovely football cover though I'm not so sure about the goat (ram?) dressed as a footballer! If you like football, indeed if you like football philately then be sure to drop by and visit my blog ..

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