Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spanish Lighthouses 11.4.2011

This Lighthouses issue released by Spain is devoted to the following six Lighthouses: Calella (Barcelona), Chipiona (Cádiz), La Entallada (Fuerteventura); Cap de Sant Sebastiá (Girona), Castell de Ferro (Granada) and Faro Valencia. These stamps were issued on 11th April 2011, valued @ 0,65 €.
The lighthouse of Calella is located on a hill 50 m above sea level. It was inaugurated in December 1859. It first worked with oil and later with petroleum. It was electrified in 1927. It is currently in service and has a light range covering 35 nautical miles. The lighthouse of Chipiona became operational in 1867. It has a height of 62 m above the basement and consists of a conical tower. It initially worked with oil and then with petroleum. It was electrified in 1942. Its has a light range of about 80 miles. The lighthouse of Punta La Entallada in Fuerteventura is a square tower 12 m high, on a one storey stone building. It came into service in December 1954. Its light is white and its range is of 21 miles. The lighthouse of Cap Sant Sebastià is located on the mountain of San Sebastià de la Guardia 167 m above sea level. It was built in 1875 and is one of the main lighthouses of the Gulf of León. Its tower is 12 m from the base, the light is white and the range is of 32 miles. The Castell de Ferro lighthouse is built on a promontory 225 m. above sea level. It has a tapered shape and stands 9.40 m over the basement. It receives electricity through photovoltaic panels and has a light range of 14 miles. It was built from an old XI Arab watchtower. The lighthouse of Valencia dates from 1930 and King Alfonso XIII laid its foundation stone. Its tower is octagonal and masonry. It has a focal plane height of 30 m. The light is white and the range is of 25 miles.

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