Monday, November 21, 2011

Akseli Gallen-Kallela: posters 1.3.2006

Three 2nd class self-adhesive coil stamps. Picture motifs: ”Bil Bol” (1907), ”Erottaja 2” (1906), ”Concert Finnois” (1900).
Coil stamps with Akseli Gallen-Kallela motif were issued on 1.3.2006. This nice cover was gien to me by Pia.
The 2nd class non-denominated coil stamps represent the graphic art of Gallen-Kallela. They show the posters Bil-Bol (1907), Erottaja 2 (1906) and Concert Finnois (1900). The works belong to the collections of Gallen-Kallela Museum. The stamps are designed by Tapani Aartomaa.
Bil-Bol (1907) is a classic of Finnish poster art. Yrjö Weilin, the owner of the Bilaktiebolaget car dealer, commissioned the advertising poster from Gallen-Kallela for the Stockholm car exhibition.
Gallen-Kallela created Erottaja 2 for the symbolist Hugo Simberg's (1873–1917) Helsinki art exhibition poster in 1907. The poster was named after the address of the Gallery showing Simberg's etchings. Gallen-Kallela was Simberg's supportive private teacher in the 1890's.
The international breakthrough of Finnish art and Gallen-Kallela occurred in the Paris World's Fair in 1900. Gallen-Kallela led the work for building the Finnish pavilion, designed the furniture and textiles of the Iris room, and painted the frescos with Kalevala motifs on the centre cupola. A series of concerts presenting Finnish music was organised in connection with the World's Fair. Gallen-Kallela designed the Concert Finnois poster as an advertisement of the concerts.
Akseli Gallen-Kallela expressed his unique creativity displaying curiosity and with immense versatility. He was a painter, a forerunner of Finnish graphics and applied arts, but also e.g. a textile artist, sculptor and illustrator. His huge output includes paintings, graphics, and frescos, and also medals, flags, uniforms, and architecture.


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  2. Beautiful Stamps of Akselu Gallen's artwork. He was a very talented Artist that really inspired the Finnish culture. You can find his artwork here .