Saturday, November 5, 2011

12th International Salvage Conference 2.6.1975

Pia sent this very informative FDC. When property is lost at sea and rescued by another, the rescuer is entitled to claim a salvage award on the salved property. There is no "life salvage". All mariners have a duty to save the lives of others in peril without expectation of reward. Consequently salvage law applies only to the saving of property. There are two types of salvage: contract salvage and pure salvage, which is sometimes referred to as "merit salvage". In contract salvage the owner of the property and salvor enter into a salvage contract prior to the commencement of salvage operations and the amount that the salvor is paid is determined by the contract. The most common salvage contract is called a "Lloyd's Open Form Salvage Contract".
12th international salvage conference, Finland, stressing importance of coordinating sea, air and communications resources in salvage operations.
Date of issue (dmy): 2.6.1975
Designer: Paavo Huovinen. The stamp was issued on the opening day of the XIIth International Life-Boat Conference in Helsinki, June 2-5, 1975. The stamp depicts the rescue vessel "Niilo Saarinen" on duty.

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