Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greenland Expeditions 5th series - Paul-Émile Victor

This FDC is all about exploration and transportation (Ships & Navigation with Sailing ships). And tells the story of Paul-Émile Victor (June 28, 1907 - March 7, 1995) who was a Artist, adventurer, writer, ethnologist and Science explorer. Victor was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He graduated from École Centrale de Lyon in 1928. In 1934, he participated in an expedition traversing Greenland. During the World War II, he engaged himself in the US Air Forces. After the War, he initiated the Expéditions polaires françaises to organize French polar expeditions. He died in 1995 on Bora Bora in the Pacific, to which he had retired in 1977. Mount Victor, in the Belgica Mountains of Antarctica, is named for him.

In 1934 following an encounter with the famous and high-profile commander and French polar explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot, he had his first polar expedition with the Museum of Ethnography of the Trocadéro in Paris and the director of this museum, with whom Paul Rivet he embarked on the Pourquoi Pas? the famous commander. It is landed with three companions, the anthropologist Robert Gessain, Michel Perez geologist and director Fred Matter on the east coast of Greenland for his first polar expedition in the Inuit Eskimos of the city Ammassalik for one year. In 1936 he went back to Greenland, where he performed the rare feat of crossing with sled dogs from west to east, with his companions Robert Gessain, Michel Perez and Dane Eigil Knuth. Upon his return to France, after major new scientific and media success thanks to his many conferences and news articles and reviews of his ethnographic study, extensive notes and drawings on traditional culture entirely organized around the Greenland seal. One could go on enumerating the his successes in the field of science and exploration. These two nice FDCs were given to me by my dear friend Merja.

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