Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Everyday Life in a Viking Village

Landscape paintings are universally appreciated by all, in part because all humans have a connection to the physical world our ancestors have walked for millennia. Of course, this connection to the environment in which we live in is felt stronger by some, especially by outdoor landscape painters and photographers, and by people who live more dependently off the land. The Faroese people, for example, have this deeper connection to the natural world; it is inescapable and unforgettable wherever one goes among the Faeroe Islands. There are no big cities to get mentally lost in and forget about what lies beyond – only picturesque villages in idyllic settings nestled along the ocean and backed by mountains, as depicted in this three stamp miniature sheet. These stamps on the mini sheet displayed were issued on 7th February 2005. According to me Faeroe Islands issue the most natural and exceptional stamps portraying their world in its very glorious best. The Faroe Islands are among the most visually and spiritually alluring islands in the world, and part of what makes them special is the feeling of closeness to the land that they generate, being small windswept islands in the middle of the vast and cold North Atlantic Ocean.

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