Thursday, September 1, 2011

National Museum of Finland 7.4.1973

The National Museum of Finland The National Museum of Finland illustrates Finnish history from prehistoric times to the present day. Major archaeological finds, the historical, numismatic and ethnological collections have been put together for over 170 years. Workshop Vintti on the third floor is an interactive exhibition especially designed for children, where visitors can study the history of Finland and its culture using their hands and heads. VINTTI is suited to everyone over the age of seven.
You would have noticed The Bear on the cover.The statue of the bear is in front of the museum. The bear is Finland's national animal.
It is located in central Helsinki. The basic installation of the National Museum is divided into six different parts. The treasury presents the collections of money, medals, awards, silver, and weapons. The Finnish prehistory part is the largest archeological basic installation in Finland. The state part tells of the development of Finnish society and culture from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. The "land and people" part presents life at the countryside before industrialisation. The 20th century part presents independent Finland and its united and internationalised culture. The museum's entrance hall ceiling has ceiling frescoes about the Kalevala, painted by Akseli Gallén-Kallela, which can be seen without an entrance fee. The frescoes, painted in 1928, are based on the frescoes painted by Gallén-Kallela at the Finnish installation of the Paris World Fair in 1900.
The building of the National Museum was designed by architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren, and Eliel Saarinen. The appearance of the building mimics Finland's medieval churches and castles. The architecture belongs to national romanticism and the interior mainly to jugend. The museum was built from 1905 to 1910 and opened to the public in 1916. The museum was named the Finnish National Museum after Finland's independence in 1917. After the last fundamental repairing, the museum was opened in 2000.
My dear friend Ella sent this cover to me.

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