Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Evening Standard 1996 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 96)

The FDC displayed, is a Football souvenir cover with Wembly/Evening Standard cancellation. The 1996 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 96) was hosted by England, who won the right to host the tournament ahead of bids from Austria, Portugal and the Netherlands. It was the tenth European Football Championship, which is held every four years and endorsed by UEFA. It was the first to use the "Euro" name, and the first where 16 nations competed. The tournament's final stages took place between 8 and 30 June 1996. The slogan of the tournament was "Football Comes Home", as England is where the rules of the game were first standardised. English football and popular culture has since referenced the competition fondly, even though the home team did not reach the final. The five footballers appearing on these stamps have been chosen by the general public through a national poll organised by the Royal Mail, the result of which will be made public in February 1996, and were :-
- 19p stamp: Dixie Dean -
- 25p stamp: Bobby Moore -
- 35p stamp: Duncan Edwards -
- 41p stamp: Billy Wright -
- 60p stamp: Danny Blanchflower -

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