Thursday, September 8, 2011

70th Anniversary of The first Aland Parliament 8.6.1992

According to the decision in 1921 by the League of Nations that Åland should belong to Finland as an autonomous region. The first council elected under Autonomy Act met at the first plenary session on 9.6.1922. The Stamp is based on a photograph of participants at the first council. Finland was to have sovereignty over Åland and the self governing law from 1920 should be broadened with additional guarantees. The Swedish language would be protected and the Åland land would remain in the hands of the natives. In Åland the disappointment was great over the decision. In 1922 the first elections of the new Åland Parliament were held and its first plenary assembly was on June 9th of the same year. That day is now celebrated as Åland's Independence Day. Pia gave me this FDC which commemorates the 70 th Anniversary of Indepence.
Nowadays the legislative body of Åland, the Åland Parliament, is called "lagting" and there are 30 members. The Åland Parliament has the right to legislate its own laws within several areas such as education, culture, healthcare, industry, internal traffic, police, post, radio and telephone. Åland follows the Finnish laws when it comes to foreign affairs and legal questions.

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