Monday, September 5, 2011

1996 Christmas Stamps by Mauri Kunnas 1.11.1996

The three stamps on the cover are a Snowman, Santa, and gnome playing musical instruments. The stamp in the centre depicts Santa Claus reading letters, and the last stamp shows a depiction of a rabbit and reindeer watching the northern lights.
The topic of the pretty 1996 Christmas stamps were images from the beloved “Santa and the Magic drum” children’s book (and movie) by Mauri Kunnas. The 1996 Christmas stamps introduced a set of three different designs to promote the movie’s premiere. Unlike in many countries, in Finland Christmas eve is what children (and all alike) await anxiously as Santa (Joulupukki) visits homes during the evening and early night to bring greetings and gifts. After that he continues his journey to other countries of the world. A very common way to relax the prevailing tension is to play games, read books and watch family movies (like Santa and the magic Drum). My dear friend Pia sent this lovely cover to me.

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