Monday, August 29, 2011

Semi Postal Issues & Fund Raisers

I am displaying here two First Day Covers with stamps which were issued soon after the Second World War. These stamps are semi-postal issues. These were also used as Fund Raisers. The first one for the Red Cross and the other for the anti-tuberculosis programme. These two historical FDCs were given to me by Pia.
Red Cross 1946
The stamps on this cover were devoted to Children’s Clinics. The stamps from left to right feature traditional Finnish fishermen at work; a woman peasant churning milk; a hayman sharpening his scythe; and finally Finnish log workers.
Anti tuberculosis 1947
The stamps on this cover were also devoted to Children’s Cinics, and highlighted the need fo Prevention of tuberculosis and Medical examinatin of infants. The stamps depict baby stretching exercise and various infant rxercises. Of interest is also the 12+3mk postage stamp depicting Mrs. Ali Paasikivi, wife of the then Finnish President J.K. Paasikivi, who showed a special interest in children’s tuberculosis.

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