Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frans Peter von Knorring 2.3.1992

Frans Peter von Knorring, (6 October 1792, Kokemäki - 29 March 1875) was a social reformer on the Åland Islands. He studied at Åbo Akademi University, worked as a teacher of religion at the Cadet School in Hamina and as a vicar from on 1834 in Finström. He suggested that a city should be founded on Åland, gave historical overviews and a meritorious work on public education. He is considered as the father of Åland school system. He was the vicar of Finström from 1834 to 1875 and he organized the educational system in Åland. He started an elementary school at Godby in 1853. The school's syllabus included subjects related to farming. A versatile man who published books on many subjects, such as linguistics, geography, pedagogy and economics, he also founded the first newspaper on Åland in 1868. Two statues have been raised in his honour, one in Mariehamn and one at the church of Finström. My friend Pia sent me this FDC.

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