Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farm Animals 17.3.2010

Wow! Aren’t those farm animals looking smart and clean. Only the rabbit looks a bit scared. This reminds me of the times I used to spend in a small town where I was born. We called it a town, but, it was actually no bigger than an average sized village. Now don’t ask me what an average sized village is – I don’t know! But, I am digressing. There were lots of farm animals where we stayed, and if we children behaved ourselves we were even allowed to tend them. My favourite was the Fat Pig. Later on when I grew up and started reading Wodehouse, I realized that my pig was no less gifted than Lord Emsworth’s. He didn’t have a name. We just called him Fat Pig. I can now understand why I like sausages, ham and bacon so much ;-)) The animals shown on the Cypriot stamps all look squeaky clean. Our farm animals were very dirty most of the time. And we were happy about that, because it gave us the chance to take them to the village pond to scrub them down or, alternately to hose them down, and any passer’s by as well. And the animals loved it, or so it seemed. But, as they say, if something has to be clean, then something else has got to get dirty. And, that something else was us children.
No farm is complete without its quota of animals. Thank you Merja for bringing back my childhood memories. Cyprus did a wonderful thing in issuing these five stamps on 17.3.2010. And I really like the postmark too. It is a combination of most of the farm animals, including My Fat Pig.

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