Friday, August 5, 2011

1st International Congress of Cypriot Studies 7.4.1969

One of the oldest active non-governmental associations in the wider Hellenic world, was founded during British rule in Cyprus by a small group of Cypriot scientists. Its formation may be considered the Cypriots’ scientific riposte to the callous period of Palmer’s rule as Governor (1933-1939) that followed the uprising of 1931; as a reaction to the policy of de-hellenisation that the British instituted at that time. The 24 founding members gathered at a General Meeting on 17 April 1936 in the Nicosia Pancyprian Gymnasium. They approved its constitution and elected the first board of management, consisting of Constantinos Spyridakis as president, Savva Christi vice-president, Achilleas Emilianides secretary, Antonis Indianos treasurer and as members Nearchos Clerides, George Papacharalambous and Costas Prousis. Presidents of the Society have been: Constantinos Spyridakis (1936-1976); George Papacharalambous (1976-1986); Kypros Chrysanthis (1986-1998); George Ioannides (1998-1999) and Andreas Mitsides (1999-2006).
This cover was issued to commemorate the 1st International Congress of Cypriot Studies on 7th April 1969. The emblem of the Society is an eagle with outspread wings (as shown in the postmark) taken from depictions on ancient Cypriot coins. Around it is inscribed: “Society of Cypriot Studies”. This wonderful FDC was given to me by Merja.

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