Saturday, July 23, 2011

Macau – Bank of China

The year 2010 was the 60th anniversary of Bank of China Macau Branch, which was established on 21 June 1950. Throughout those 60 years, Bank of China Macau Branch has kept faith with its operating principle “Rooted in Macau, Steadfast in Serving” and has matured into the main scale bank and the largest financial institution in Macao.

With the passage of time over the past 60 years, this bank has evolved from the old look to a new look and, after the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the development of stability in society and the rapid growth of the economy, this bank has taken an active part in supporting the legal administration of the Macao SAR Government, and it has striven its utmost to provide quality banking services to the economic and society growth of Macao, the commercial and industrial development and Macao citizens who work and live in peace and harmony. This bank has followed “customer-centered” operating principles, developed all modern financial products such as: The bank’s 60Ih anniversary also indicates that Bank of China’s history in serving Macao has entered another dimension. Looking to the future, with the leadership of the Macao SAR Government and the consideration of the Central Government, Macao has stepped into a period of stable and healthy development. People hope the prospect for development of Macao will become better, and also will create a greater opportunity for the financial industry. Bank of China Macau Branch will take this important historical opportunity to continue to insist on the principle “Rooted in Macau, Steadfast in Serving”, to make a new great achievement on the road ahead in inheriting the past and opening up its future.

In this set of commemorative stamps, the design has woven together the emblem of Bank of China, the Lotus, Macao Heritage sites, modem architecture and also the true love knot, ribbon and number 60 etc. It implies the growth of the past 60 years of Bank of China Macau Branch as well as in the future, the desire to give back to Macao through good quality financial services.

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