Friday, July 1, 2011

Finland - Tourism 12.5.1995

The FDC displayed today is titled ‘Matkailu Suomessa’ which translated in English means ‘Tourism in Finland’. Tourism was the theme in 1995 for joint Nordic stamps.
Both stamps on the Cover depict popular tourist attractions. The stamp on the left depicts Linnanmäki. Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland. It was opened on May 27, 1950 and is owned by non-profit organisation called Lasten Päivän Säätiö (Children's Day Foundation). Linnanmäki has 44 different rides of different sizes. It also has other attractions, such as arcades, games, kiosks, restaurants and an outdoor stage on which different performers appear in the summer. In 2007 Linnanmäki had 1.2 million visitors. Probably the most notable ride in the park is the Wooden Roller Coaster or Vuoristorata in Finnish. On the stamp you can see at least the Roller Coaster, Ferris wheel, Panoraama tower, a clown and a carousel.
The stamp on the right depicts Mäntyharju, 400 years in 1995. Mäntyharju, ("Pine Ridge") is a municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Eastern Finland and is part of the Southern Savonia region. There are many lakes (around 300) in Mäntyharju. Because of the many summer houses, population of Mäntyharju more than doubles during the most popular summer holiday times. Mäntyharju wooden church (on the stamp) was completed in 1822. It is the second largest wood church in Finland and the largest log building with horizontally laid, comer-notched log construction. My Dear Friend Ella sent this lovely cover to me.

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