Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lefcara Lace 23.3.2011

Cyprus Post has issued a set of 2 stamps on embroidery, Lefkara Lace on 23rd March 2011. Two of the best known handicrafts of the island of Cyprus is the Lefkara Lace, also know as the Lefkaritika. Discover the amazing art of Cyprus traditional Lefkara Lace making, the embroidery crafting which was preserved through the centuries from generation
to generation, passed on from mother to daughter.
Nestled in the hills, south of Cyprus’ capital Nicosia, sits Lefkara - a village famous for its traditional style of lace embroidery, world-wide known as the “Lefkaritika”. It was the Venetians who inspired the creation of Lefkara lace in Cyprus, as during their occupation (1489-1571) the ruling classes would go and holiday in the village of Lefkara. The local women copied the fine embroidery of the Venetian’s clothes, and adapted their own designs based on what they saw. Soon, this fine lace work became world famous; Leonardo da Vinci even came to Cyprus to buy Lefkara lace for the Milan Cathedral. Merja
My Dear friend gave me this Cover.

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