Friday, May 6, 2011

Moldova – First Stamps issued by The Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova - a state in southeastern Europe. Borders Ukraine to the north, east and south, Romania to the west. Capital - Kishinev. On May 23, 1991 the Parliament changed the name of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Republic of Moldova. August 27, 1991 adopted a declaration of independence of the Republic of Moldova, which declared a sovereign state with its capital in Kishinev. Administratively, Moldova is divided into 32 districts, 5 municipalities (Balti, Bender, Kishinev, Comrat Tiraspol) and 1 autonomous territorial unit (Gagauzia). In Moldova, 65 cities and 917 villages. At present, areas located on the left bank Dniester, as well as the municipality of Bender and Tiraspol are under the control TMR. According to preliminary data for January 1 2008 the population of the Republic of Moldova amounted to 3572.7 thousand people (Without TMR and municipality Bender).

The stamps on this First Day Cover and the cover itself were the first postal items issued by Independent Moldavia on 23 June 1991 at its Capital Chisinau (Kishinev). Also the quantities of the issued stamps is not high, so it can make it interesting to collect them. And My dear friend Leisea was kind enough to send this lovely cover to me.

The flag of Moldova was adopted in 1994. Is a tricolor with equal stripes arranged vertically in the following order starting from the flagpole: blue, yellow, red. In the center, yellow stripe is the State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova. The flag of Moldova emblem depicts only the front side.

Coat of arms of Moldavia is the intersection of the shield in its upper part - the red box at the bottom - blue. In the center panel shows the bison's head, flanked by eight-pointed star located to the right of the head - the Five-petalled Rose, left - a crescent inverted and slightly rotated. All the elements on the shield of golden (yellow). The shield is laid on the breast of an eagle holding in its beak a golden cross (Eagle-Crusader), in the clutches: the right - green olive branch to the left - the golden scepter.

One of Moldova's characteristic traits is its ethnic diversity. As early as the beginning of the eighteenth century, Moldovan prince and scholar Dimitrie Cantemir observed that he "didn't believe that there [existed] a single country of the size of Moldova in which so many and such diverse peoples meet."

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