Friday, May 20, 2011

Finland – Stamps of 1947 and New Service in 2003

The stamps on these two First Day Covers were issued in 1947. The stamp on the Left in the upper FDC was commemorating The Peace Treaty in Paris, PAX 1947, namely the second year of Peace following WW II. It features Ilmarinen, the ploughman by Akseli Gallen-Kallela 1900. It was issued on 2.6.1947. The second stamp was also issued on 2.6.1947, but, commemorated the Finnish Athletic Festival 1947. Known locally as Suomen Suurkisat, which loosely translates as The Finnisg Games. The first one was held in 1947, it was part of the re-building effort after the Second World War.

The Lower FDC innaugurated the New Stamp Service of Finland Post in 2003. The new service of Finland Post for Finnish Companies (and later for private customers also) was a stamp, the pictorial subject of which and the designing was left to the company itself. The service was available from from 14May 2003. The stamp could feature the logo of the company and/or a photo of the product and a slogan. The first customised stamp of Finland Post, "Amor" was available to collectors at the Philatelic Centres.

Both these FDCs were kindly given to me by my dear friend Pia.

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