Monday, May 2, 2011

Maisa & Kaarina 1.4.2011

I thought it would be interesting to mention a comic which has been appearing weekly in a Finnish women's magazine Anna for more than 20 years now. Maisa & Kaarina by Sari Luhtanen and Tiina Paju. The strip draws from an odd couple tradition, with two highly different characters who are friends. Maisa is blond, roundish, single and a bit uncertain what she wants from life, vaguely political and highly romantic, while Kaarina is a dark, slim housewife, efficient and cuttingly pragmatic. Kaarina's husband is mostly off-panel or sometimes appears in silhouette, while a couple of other friends of M&K appear every now and then but don't really play a role in the strip.

The themes are mostly the same as the rest of the magazine, food, clothes, makeup, relationships, exercise, some politics and so forth. It probably wouldn't work on too large portions because there isn't that big variety of themes, but there is enough for weekly strips and also for 64-page albums (reading several albums one after the other would be too much though). And even if this reader lacks ovaries or the whole pantyhose experience, it is a good and funny strip, the characters ring true even if they play on stereotypes, and the art is solid and professional. This hilarious FDC was sent to me by my Dear Friend Ella.

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