Thursday, February 10, 2011

USA – World Stamp Expo’89

This FDC is very topical considering that INDIPEX2011 is going to start from the 12th of February 2011. The 20th congress of the Universal Postal Union was held in Washington D.C. from 17 November till 3 December 1989. Coinciding with the congress a special stamp exhibition, World Stamp Expo '89, was held. During the congress a number of decisions were taken, including the adoption of the fourth additional protocol to the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union.

World Stamp Expo '89, the first international philatelic exhibition directly sponsored by the US Postal Service in its 214-year history, took place November 17-20 and November 24-December 3. It was held in conjunction with the 20th Congress of the Universal Postal Union. After George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln has appeared more often on US postage stamps than any other person. The portrait reproduced on this sheet appeared on the first Lincoln stamp issued April 15, 1866, the first anniversary of this death. Based on an 1861 photograph of the president, the 1866 stamp was framed in black and was generally known as a mourning stamp. This wonderful cover was given to me by Hemant.

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