Sunday, February 13, 2011

USA - 50th Anniversary of Transpacific Airmail Service

It was 76 years ago today that Pan Am inaugurated Trans-Pacific airmail, carried on its first flight by the flying boat the China Clipper. The flight started from San Francisco, California and had a final destination of Manila, Philippines. The 8,000-plus mile flight, including stops in Guam, Hawaii and others took approximately 60 hours. Postage was paid by a new 25-cent airmail stamp.
This first day cover and stamps were issued on February 15, 1985, at San Francisco, California to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Martin M-130 Flying Boat’s, First Transpacific Airmail Flight. The 44c stamps show mail being loaded into the “China Clipper”). United States Commemorative Airmail Postage Stamp 50th Anniversary of Transpacific Airmail Service, China Clipper was designed By Glenn L. Martin. Thanks to Hemant, I could show you this nice cover.

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