Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Estonia – Lagrits Eliomys quercinus

Wow! What a long name for this really small creature. Displayed is a maxim card dedicated to this mighty mouse. The next stamp in the Estonian Fauna series is dedicated to the dormouse (Eliomys quercinus L.). The dormouse is a rodent the size of a young rat. It is an omnivore and eats plant fruits, seeds as well as snails, insects and even smaller rodents. Waking in the spring the animal only weighs about 45 grams but by the fall it acquires an abundant store of fat and then weighs nearly 120 grams. The multiply twice a year, with mostly 4 to 6 young in the litter. They are nocturnal. They feed on larger insects, snails, bird and mouse pups, eggs, fruits and nuts.They hibernate in the winter from September to April – sleeping (Some creatures are lucky ;-))). The Garden Dormouse (Eliomys quercinus) is a rodent in the family Dormouse. The coat is gray or brown, with white below.
Dormice prefer deciduous and mixed forests with the presence of oak and hazelnut trees, as well as dry-stone walls and old farm seats. Sometimes they live in houses and outbuildings. Dormice are found in most parts of Europe but their population has seriously fallen in most parts of its area for unknown reasons. They are only known to nest on the mainland, but there is a community on Suur-Tütarsaar Island in the Gulf of Finland. Due to its relatives rarity the dormouse is listed in the 2nd category of protected species. As there is practically no information about dormouse finds in Estonia it has been entered into the category of species with deficient data. My friend Eve send this card to me. She lives near Tallinn.

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