Thursday, December 16, 2010

Åland - Christmas 8.10.2010

Further to my earlier post on Inge Look, I have on display here a maxim card and a stamp painted by her. On the Åland maxim card and stamp the Old Ladies are celebrating St. Lucy’s Day, as one of them is wearing a crown of candles. The fact that St. Lucy was a young girl does not prevent the ladies from celebrating. Perhaps one of them or both of them have been a Lucy in a procession when they were young girls. On the stamp the Ladies are eating gingerbread biscuits, typical at Christmas time here. The special postmark has the shape of a gingerbread biscuit. They are drinking coffee or mulled wine, typical at Christmas time. Do notice the handbags. They are always seen on the cards. Behind the ladies you can see a sheaf tied with a red ribbon. The sheaf is for the birds. On the stamp the ladies are bringing a Christmas tree. Did you notice that one of them has a saw in her hands and both of them have snowshoes on. There’s always snow in the forest at this time of the year and these shoes help a lot. I am also displaying some labels painted by this popular artist. I must thank my friend Ella for all this.

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