Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ukraine - Zaporozhets

ZAZ Zaporozhets, was a series of subcompact cars designed and built from 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine "Zaporizky Avtomobilny Zavod", or Zaporizhian Automobile Factory. Different types of Zaporozhets were produced until 1994. The name Zaporozhets means a Cossack of the Zaporizhian Sich. It can also mean а man from Zaporizhia oblast.
Zaporozhets is still warmly remembered in many ex-USSR countries. Like the Volkswagen Beetle or the East Germany's Trabant. The Zaporozhets was destined to become a "people's car". It was the cheapest Soviet car and so the most affordable to common people. At the same time, it was rather sturdy and well suited to Soviet roads. They were known for good crossing performance on poor roads; better, than bigger Soviet passenger cars. Among the main differences was an air-cooled V-engine of indigenous design, bigger wheels and front suspension on torsion bars. One of the reasons of choosing rearwards-opening doors was easier access for disabled persons. It introduced significant "ears" - air intakes on sides. Also a rear suspension was new.
My friend Stan who sent me the FDC and the card travelled 500 kms to get to the Zavod, I mean factory for the Anniversary celebrations. Actually, he himself created the card and the personal stamps on the cover. Well-done Stan. Keep it up. And many many thanks.

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