Monday, November 15, 2010

Czech Republic – The Forever Stamp Series

April 28th, 2010 marked a historic milestone in Czech stamp design as the Czech Post's first self-adhesive stamp, identified with a letter in place of a value, came out. The new type of self-adhesive stamps are identified with the letter A, E or Z according to the value and destination country. Favorite Czech comics with fifinkou, myšpulínem, bobíkem and Pion to become the main motive marks with the letter A. A-stamps can be used to mail letters or postcards in the Czech Republic. The first A-stamp features Fifinka, or a pretty dog woman from the cult children comic book series Čtyřlístek (Four-Leaf Clover in English). The Fifinka stamps are available in booklets of ten. All fans of the comic book series can look forward to the next stamp with Myšpulín, or a cat scientist, that is to appear in December 2010. The Fifinka stamp is accompanied with a commemorative handstamp (available from April 28th to May 12th at the Prague main post office in Jindřišská street) and a first day cover. The designer is Jiří Němeček, illustrator of the comic book series.

E- and Z-stamps are designed for international service (E for European, Z for non-European destinations). The first E- and Z-stamps, featuring Gismonda and the Zodiac (respectively) by Alfons Mucha, will be available at post offices in booklets of six, starting from May 26th

All stamps identified with a letter have a permanent validity. The selling price is the price of the corresponding postal service at the time they are purchased, but the buyer can use the stamps for an unlimited time, even if the price of the service gets increased. As such, these 'forever' stamps are a good long-term investment. Stamps identified with a letter are not intended to replace 'classic' stamps. The latter will still be available, and new issues will appear every year. Both types can be combined and used to mail any sort of domestic as well as international products. The introduction of the new type of stamps does not mean that the Czech Post is going to increase the prices of stamps.

My friend Stan has been sending me cards with these stamps on them. Here I display both sides of the card for your perusal.

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