Sunday, October 10, 2010

Natural Wealth & Autumn Sports 13.9.2010

The Finnish post is welcoming the fall or autumn by publishing a minisheet of three self-adhesive stamps along with the nice FDC on 13th September 2010. The stamps depict a well-cooked crab, a pair of mallards, and the king of the Northern forests - an elk! In the background there is a typical Finnish lake landscape. Graphic designer Asser Jaaro is well known as a stamp designer. He works using traditional methods - a pen and paintbrush.
If you look very carefully you will notice the Braille writing on the sheet for blind people. You can feel it with your fingertips. I think this is very thoughtful indeed. For those interested in such sport Crayfishing is allowed from 21st July to the end of October. Duck shooting is allowed from 20th August to the end of december. Moose-hunting is allowed from the end of September to the end of December. All these hobbies: crayfishing, duck shooting and moose-hunting belong to autumn time. That’s why these three creatures are on the stamps. This pretty FDC was sent to me by my dear friend Ella.

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