Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Åland – 350th Anniversary of Postal Services

It is quite appropriate to show the First Day Cover issued by Åland on 4th January 1988 to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of its Postal Services, immediately after my last post about the 350th Anniversary of the Finnish Postal Services. Because, both started almost at the same time in both territories. On the stamp one can see mail being loaded into a boat at Eckero. From about the 1830’s letters and other postal items were sent in sealed barrels. The idea was that, in case of any mishap the barrels would float and be washed ashore somewhere, and the contents safely retrieved. I am not aware about the success of this practice. The building in the background is the Eckero Post and Customs House. This was the work of the German architect Engel, which was completed in 1828. Thank you Ella for this nice card.

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