Monday, August 2, 2010

USA - Decade of Space Achievement 2.8.1971

It is 39 years since this First Day Cover was issued. Thanks to Hemant, I could place it here for your perusal. This 'Space Achievements' issue depicts the Earth, Sun, Lunar Module, the Lunar Rover and astronauts. Two 8-cent stamps commemorating a decade of space achievements were placed on sale August 2, 1971, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and Houston, Texas. First day covers were postmarked at two different post offices (Houston, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama, location of the two tracking stations.) rather than the usual one because of extraordinary popularity of the space program at the time of issuance.
This issue was designed by Robert T. McCall of Paradise Valley, Arizona. Upon close examination of this issue one can see that it has an accurate depiction of the Lunar Rover, sitting on the Lunar surface. The Lunar landing module can also be seen in the background. This issue (pair) came in sheets of 50 (100 individual stamps), with an initial printing of 150 million.

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