Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sauna 6.5.2009

These stamps were issued on 6th May 2009. Here is the official text: Sauna atmosphere! "When I chose the pictures for the Sauna booklet, I aimed for Finnishness and the authentic sauna atmosphere," says the designer of the booklet, Päivi Vainionpää.
The stamps on the miniature sheet on the FDC are separated from each other by a simple straight dashed line kind of perforation. The first stamp shows a moment before a sauna. The sun is going down, there's a fresh birch whisk in the bucket on the jetty, and soft towels await the bathers. The second stamp shows the bathers actually in the sauna, and the third stamp depicts an idyllic shoreline sauna in its natural setting. The fourth and fifth stamps shows the sauna atmosphere inside, and outside a sauna whisk bathes in the sunlight on a log wall. And inside the sauna the sunshine lights up the bathing place through a window. The Sauna stamps include microscopic scent capsules. When the stamps are rubbed, the capsules burst and spread a pleasing aroma of birch leaves. Also displayed is an enlarged photograph of the bather’s, and a card with the stamps. This fabulous set is due to the kind courtesy of Ella.

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