Saturday, July 3, 2010

Austria 9.11.1962 - Monuments

These First day covers and the stamps were issued on 9.11.1962 in Austria to commemorate famous historical sites. Looking from the top we have The Swiss Gate in the Hofburg palace is the most colourful surviving remnant of Renaissance Vienna. Hofburg Palace is a palace located in Vienna, Austria, which has housed some of the most powerful people in Austrian history, including the Habsburg dynasty, rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It currently serves as the official residence of the President of Austria. It was the Habsburg's principal winter residence, as the Schönbrunn Palace was their preferred summer residence.

Schloss Esterházy. Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria and provides an impressive insight into the once glamorous life at the court of Prince Esterházy.

And finally the Linz Cathedral. Linz is the third-largest city of Austria and capital of the state of Upper Austria It is located in the north centre of Austria, approximately 30 km south of the Czech border, on both sides of the river Danube.

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