Sunday, June 27, 2010

Åland - Passenger ferry series 3.5.2010

The passenger ferry series which started in 2009, will continue till 2014. These are issues for 2010. The M/S Prinsessan of Birka Line and the M/S Skandia of Silja Line have been painted by the artist Hàkan Sjòstròm. Founded in Mariehamn in 1971, the business idea of Birka Line was to arrange short distance cruises between Sweden and Åland all the year round. In November that same year, the first passenger ship, Danish M/S Prinsessen, was purchased. Built in Denmark in 1957, Prinsessan had a capacity of 1 200 passengers and 35 cars. Her originai name was Prinsesse Margrethe and she was renamed Prinsessen in 1968 before Birka Line changed her name once more in 1971, this time to Prinsessan (the princess).

Silja Line was founded in 1957 by the three shipping companies Finland Steamship Company, Steamship Company Bore and Stockholms Rederi AB Svea. M/S Skandia was built in 1961 at Wàrtsilà shipyard in Helsinki. Skandia was Silja Line's first nevvly buiit car ferry and was put into service on thè route Turku – Àland - Stockholm. The ferry carried 1200 passengers and 175 cars and as the first purpose-built car-passenger ferry for year-round service. The bow doors fore and aft, resulting in a full-length cardeck, were revolutionary. In connection with the 2010 passenger ferry stamps, the Post presents a new collector's product. An album with ferry presentation sheets with old photos extra Information about the ferries and with the stamps cancelled with First day special postmark. This nice FDC was sent by Ella.

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