Monday, May 31, 2010

Finland – Artillery Museum

The Artillery Museum of Finland is situated on the banks of the beautiful Vanajavesi Lake right next door to the old historic Häme Castle. The Museum is a special military museum dedicated to the history of the artillery from the 15th century to the present day. There are almost a hundred guns of different makes from 13 different countries. The collection of Russian guns is the most exhaustive outside Russia. There are three stories in the main building exhibiting the military history of Finland. In the gun hall the most precious guns are on display and on the gun yard the funeral gun of the Artillery General V.P. Nenonen is among other guns. Special exhibitions building is by the gun yard. The guns shown on the card are a 75mm French cannon from the year 1897, a 155mm French heavy cannon from the year 1877 and lastly, a two-inch iron cannon and a Russian wooden carriage for the12 pound cannon from the year 1805. This nice card was sent to me by Minna a proud Mother, whose son is in the Army now.

Minna very thoughtfully put a very striking stamp showing the Finnish Flag in all its glory. I have very rarely seen a stamp of this nature.

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