Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Czech Republic – Marie Brozova - The Colored Pencils

The project "Defence of the Coloured Pencils" was started by artist Marie Brozova in 2004. She felt the need to show to the public as well as art professionals, that it is possible to draw really great drawings (great in their message and beauty, but also large in their format) with such humble art materials as coloured pencils. The colored pencils have been accompanying Marie Brozova since her early childhood, just like every one of us. Maybe they are disregarded, even despised and refused as an "unsuitable" medium for "real art" because they are so easy to get and you can see them everywhere in children’s hands. Marie met this prejudice shortly after she had entered the art school and she has been trying to push them forward ever since. Marie decided that it was important to defend colored pencils - openly and publicly - and at the moment the concept of her project, The Defence of Colored Pencils was born - a travelling project of public drawings, in frames of which Marie can prove what amazing things can be done with colored pencils.
Her instinct was right; it is proved by growing interest of children visitors as well as adults, who come to watch intently the process of creation in Marie’s drawings. Marie is very glad about the fact, that her public drawings are often visited by school classes, and even gladder, when children come back in the afternoon and bring their parents with them. Also the references in the media are entirely positive. The Defence of Colored Pencils has been shown in TV news and reports, and has been commented in the press. Marie is regularly being referred to about her project on the radio.
Stan sent me this painting by Marie Brozova. The Obverse side of the card shows the lovely commemorative stamps. Stan’s comments are self-explanatory and do not need any further elaboration.

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