Friday, March 5, 2010

Poland - Battle of Węgierska Górka

The Battle of Węgierska Górka was a two-day-long defence of a Polish fortified area in south of Silesia during the opening stages of the Polish Defensive War of 1939. Although the Polish position was not completed and only five bunkers were manned, the line was defended for two days and nights against superior Nazi forces of the German 7th Infantry Division. One of the bunkers was successfully evacuated by the Polish 1st Mountain Brigade, but the others lacked radio receivers and did not receive the order to retreat. Eventually, the Germans managed to break through the Polish positions, but with heavy casualties on their side and with a significant delay.

This First Day Cover is to commemorate the exceptional and effective resistance that the small Polish Army displayed in the face of an overwhelmingly large Nazi Force. This cover was sent to me by Ada.

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