Sunday, March 14, 2010

A nation among nations 22.1.2009

The year 2009 was the commemoration of Year 1809. Many events took place during 2009. The years 1808 and 1809 mark important events in the history of the state of Finland. The Finnish War between Sweden and Russia began on 21 February 1808; the Diet of Finland assembled in the town of Porvoo on 28 March 1809; the Treaty of Hamina was signed on 17 September 1809; Finland obtained its own central administration on 2 October 1809; and the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland was established. These events took place against the international background of the Napoleonic Wars and the ensuing Treaty of Tilst of 1807 and the Treaty of Erfurt of 1808.
The solutions carefully prepared and, to a great extent, already implemented during the war were ceremonially affirmed on 28 March 1809 at the Diet of Porvoo that Alexander I came to open in person. The single most important event at the Diet with far-reaching implications took place on 29 March 1809 when the Emperor gave the sovereign pledge and the Estates an oath of allegiance. As a result, Finland’s special position was guaranteed by the Emperor’s presence. In the grand speeches in honour of the occasion Finland was raised to the status of a nation among nations.
I present before you a very attractive First Day Cover that commemorated this important event in the History of Finland, with a miniature sheet of four very impressive stamps. The portraits of the personalities involved are shown alongside. Ella sent this superb cover and cards to me.

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