Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finland - Cat's-Foot (Antennaria Dioica, Gaertn.) 25.1.2010

The Cat's Foot is found at the present day in the North Temperate and Arctic Zones in Arctic Europe, N. and W. Asia, East and West North America, and so far this is all our knowledge of its age and dispersal. With it one may find Furze, Ling, Penny Royal, Creeping Willow, Small Bent Grass, etc. The aerial stems are flowering stems, and erect and simple, the shoots are prostrate or procumbent, with inversely egg-shaped, spoon shaped, radical leaves which are dark-green, and smooth above, cottony below. The stem is woody, and the leaves are in dense tufts.
Finland Decided to commemorate this sturdy plant by issuing this beautiful First Day Cover and the striking stamp. The stamp is particularly interesting as it is broader at the base than at the top. Ella very kindly sent this FDC to me.

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