Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The WOŚP Foundation
On September 1, 2004 the WOŚP Foundation was entered into the central register of public benefit organizations.
The Foundation’s aim: aim is to work in the field of health protection by saving patients’ and especially young patients’ life and supporting their treatment. Additionally, the Foundation promotes health and medicines.
They pursue this aim by organizing the Great Finale money collections, by purchasing medical equipment for hospitals all over Poland, and by running four nation-wide medical programs and one educational program.
What most people would say when asked about their first association with WOŚP is the January money collection called the Great Finale. Heedless of snow and frost, thousands of volunteers march the streets of Poland to collect donations for a given aim. Each year, the Foundation chooses a theme – the aim we want to achieve. Besides, the WOŚP Foundation is the organizer of Europe’s biggest open - air music festival called Przystanek Woodstock.
Waiting… for the 19th Grand Finale on 20th January 2010
The declared sum is 36 118 272 PLN.
1500 Finale Centers from Poland and abroad played with us. In spite of very difficult weather conditions 120 000 volunteers were sent out to raise money!
The Orchestra’s birthday cake has already been eaten but is the fundraising over?
Not really! It’ll continue for over a month.
Until February 20th you can still take part in our auctions at:, and
Also, don’t forget about the 1% tax deduction.
And this card is due to the kind courtesy of Ada.Lewandowska of Warsaw.

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