Friday, January 29, 2010

Jerzy Popieluszko

This stamp and FDC was issued in honour of Jerzy Popieluszko (born September 14, 1947 in Okopy as Alfonso Popieluszko. Died on October 19 1984 in Wloclawek when he was murdered by officers of the Security Service ) - Polish priest, the Servant of God Catholic Church,. His Parents were Jerzy Popieluszko - Wladyslaw and Marianna from Gniedziejków who ran a farm. Young Jerzy was an altar boy and was distinguished by a deep religious belief, and was somewhat of a hermit. His first communion and confirmation was received in the same year - 1956. From 1961 to 1965, he attended high school in Suchowoli. He was conscientious, but an average student. After graduation, on June 24 1965 he entered the Major Seminary in Warsaw. Had to undergo military service in the years 1966 - 1968 in a special military unit for clerics in Bartoszyce. May 28 1972, he received priestly ordination at the hands of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. Then he worked in parishes. In 1978 he became pastor of medical circles in Warsaw.
Since August 1980 he was with workers' communities, and actively supported the Solidarity Movement. During the strike was sent to celebrate Mass in the Huta Warszawa, (during the martial law) in the Church of St. Stanisława Kostki. He organized Masses for the Homeland. His pastoral activities and teaching were based on the message (St. Paul - Rom 12:21). Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko led the funeral of Gregory Przemyk. People's Republic despite criticism and opposition by the Communist regime. In September 1983 he organized a pilgrimage by people working at Jasna Gora, September 30 and celebrated the holy mass on the Ramparts. During the martial law he was repeatedly accused by the Polish People's Republic of involvement in political activities, he became the target of the operation of the Security Service. He was code-named "Popiel" probably in the second half of 1982. Father Jerzy Popieluszko was under surveillance by at least four secret collaborators. Among them were priests - there was a particularly active Father Michal Czajkowski (TW "Jankowski"), as well as lay people, such as working closely with the activist priest, KPN, Tadeusz Stachniak (TW "Sword" and "Shield") 2 December 1983 years he was served with the summons to be heard on December. 12 priest voluntarily appeared in Mostowski Palace - the seat of the Metropolitan Command MO. Here The Deputy Anna Jackowska delivered the decision to initiate criminal investigations. The hearing lasted several hours. After many days and months of such persecution by the Polish authorities he was marked for elimination.
In 1984 he was returning to Warsaw. On the way to Torun, near the town of Górsk, Jerzy Popieluszko along with his driver, Waldemar Chrostowskim were abducted by officers of the Independent Group 'D' Department IV of the Ministry of Interior. Chrostowskiemu escaped from the car, Popieluszko was gagged and transported in the luggage boot. A few days later his body was discovered in the Vistula River. His Murder and the truth about him provoked shock and outrage amongst Polish society. The official version of the abduction and murder has been repeatedly questioned, and has never been believed.
The process of Beatification of Father Jerzy Popieluszko officially began on February 8 1997 in the Church of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Warsaw, and the diocesan phase of the process was completed exactly four years later. In early 2009 the pope agreed to expedite consideration of the case. On December 19 2009 Pope Benedict XVI signed a decree on martyrdom of Fr. Jerzego Popiełuszki.
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