Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Gems of Oz

These Australian First Day Covers have a small historical background as far as I am concerned. A Dutch lad sent most of them to me. Son of Dr. Went who migrated to Australia in the ‘50s. He was a colleague of my Father in a Dutch Company, Philips Electrical Limited. In India. When he went to Australia and settled down in Flinders Park, South Australia, he got his son and myself to establish a fruitful pen-friendship. We exchanged stamps and FDCs for a few years and then vagaries of time and exigencies of boarding schools put a stop to further correspondence between us.
I would like to make use of this blog to thank that lad, who like me must be an elderly gentleman now, for these gems that he sent me then. I would also like to request him to contact me if he reads this post. In case one of his friends or associates happens to glance through these pages please point it out to Mr. Went. Thank you kind folks.

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