Tuesday, August 11, 2009

USSR - Steamships

We start with ships that traversed the Northern ice bound routes and the icebreakers that helped them on their way. Worth mentioning are the heavy-duty breakers ‘Vasily Pronchishev’ and the Mighty ‘Moskva’. I can assure you that the ice that forms in those waters are tough and need some breaking. Even in Vladivostok (edge of Southern Siberia) where I spent a few winters, the ice shelf that formed between the island ‘Ruski Ostrov’ where we stayed, and mainland Vladivostok, was strong enough for Army jeeps and trucks to traverse many times a day bringing victuals, stores and spares. Regular visitors will remember my post regarding the Russian fishing industry and my own little effort on the frozen sea around us in Vladivostok.
We then see the Battle ships Potomkin and Amur of the Early 1900’s. The history of these mighty ships is chronicled in the pages of Russian Naval History.
And finally end the frame with modern passenger liners.
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