Thursday, August 13, 2009

USSR - Some more Soviet ships and a few yachts

We now see ships dedicated to Science and Oceanography. A ship dedicated to space exploration honouring Yuri Gagarin is also displayed. Amongst Russian Scientists and Oceanographers from the Soviet Academy of Science being honoured through these stamps are Somov, OU Schimdt and SP Korolev.

Amongst the warships are a minehunter, a landing ship tank and the Anti – submarine cruiser the Moskva. The last named was actually the Soviet Union’s first essay in the field of aircraft carrier designing. This ship was a large floating platform for anti-submarine Kamov helicopters. And ofcourse the sleek newly designed gas-turbine powered Kashin Class Destroyer. This ship impressed many navies around the world. The Indian Navy acquired five of them - the Rajput Class.

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